Model DH Roll Forming Machines

T&H Lemont Model DH Roll Forming Machines

The Model DH Roll Forming Machines are designed specifically for panel type profiles where the forming is along longitudinal edges. The Model DH features two separate roll forming heads, one stationary and one which moves in and out. This feature allows exceptionally rapid adjustment for panels with different finished widths. Or the machine can be supplied with two rotating heads for the production of different profiles on the same machine. It is the ideal roll former for manufacturers of door panels, garage door panels, appliance housings, office equipment components and shelving. Designed for panel type profiles where forming is on the longitudinal edges, as in door panels, appliance housings and office equipment components, the Model DH can be adjusted exceptionally fast to economically accommodate varying finished widths.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA


Standard Features:

  • Dual head panel forming machine (forming on edges only)
  • Hardened alloy steel roll shafts with precision shoulder arrangement and double Timken taper roller bearings
  • All gear driven roll shafts (unequal ratios available from 1.1:1 to 2:1)
  • One stationary head and one moveable head, mounted on linear bearings with hardened rails, manually adjusted through precision ball screw arrangement
  • Protected top and bottom sheet supports
  • Hardened tool steel entry side guides
  • Welded steel base with machined base top and alignment keys

Technical Specifications

Item #Roll Shaft Dia.Roll Shaft ExtensionHorizontal CentersVertical CentersCapacity
DH61.375 in. 34.92 mm4.00 in. 102 mm6.000 in. 152 mm3.500 in. 88.9 mm0.052 in. 1.32 mm
DH81.500 in. 38.10 mm5.00 in. 127 mm8.000 in. 203 mm4.500 in. 114.3 mm0.075 in. 1.90 mm
DH101.750 in. 44.45 mm6.00 in. 152 mm10.000 in. 254 mm5.500 in. 139.5 mm0.085 in. 2.16 mm
DH122.000 in. 50.80 mm7.00 in. 178 mm12.000 in. 305 mm7.000 in. 177.8 mm0.102 in. 2.59 mm