O. D. Scarf Stands

T&H Lemont OD Scarf StandsThis base mounted Outside Diameter Scarfing Stand employs two (2) independently adjustable scarfing tooling holder blocks. Each tool holder block is mounted on a precision slide. Also, each vertical slide is equipped with an automatic lift which provides quick retraction of the cutting tool whenever the tube mill line is stopped, thus helping to extend cutting tool life. Precision slides are also furnished for the O. D. Scarf Stands under each vertical assembly on a horizontal plane to provide individual cross-stream adjustment of each scarfing tool. Cross-stream adjustment is accomplished by an adjusting knob located on the operator’s side of the scarfing station connected via chain couplings on the back of the unit to the adjusting screw of each horizontal slide. Lower adjustable “V” type support rolls and adjustable hold down rolls are used to contain the tubing as it passes through the scarfing station, thus relieving the job of tube containment by the scarfing tools.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA

Spare Parts

Spare Parts for O. D. Scarf Stands include, but are not limited to:

  • Vertical Adjustment Screw
  • Cross Stream Adjustment Screws
  • Lower Support Rolls
  • Lower Support Bars
  • Lower Support Roll Shafts
  • Hold Down Rolls
  • Hold Down Roll Spindles
  • Scarf Tool Holder Block Assembly