Entry Guide

T&H Lemont Entry GuideAn Entry Guide is mounted on the entry end of the breakdown and forming base, and is designed to properly locate and guide the strip to the breakdown and forming rolls. Fabricated from steel and equipped usually with four (4) individually adjustable rolls, plus strip hold down bars. The entry end of the housing is fitted with two horizontally mounted heavy wall conveyor rolls to maintain strip elevation guiding as it is received from the decoiler or accumulator. Pullover and under guide rolls are provided to properly locate strip with the strip side guide rolls. It is provided with a single point adjustment to insure an even strip flow to the first forming stand when producing a variety of gauges.


T&H Lemont

5118 Dansher Rd., Countryside, IL 60525 USA

Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Entry Guides include, but are not limited to:

  • Pull Over and Under Rolls
  • Edge Guide Rolls
  • Edge Guide Roll adjustment Screw
  • Central Adjustment Screw
  • Edge Guide Roll spindle
  • Strip Guide Wear Plates