A Brief History of T&H Lemont

A proud past. A promising future.

T&H Lemont is a member of the Inductotherm Group of Companies.

With a central location near Chicago Illinois, T&H Lemont serves the tube and pipe industry.

T&H Lemont Location
5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, Illinois

T&H Lemont, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inductotherm Group, is headquartered in Countryside, Illinois about 14 miles west of Chicago.

Lemont Engineering Company was founded in 1962 as a tooling design and consulting firm serving the tube and pipe mill industry. In 1963 they opened their first manufacturing plant in Skokie, Illinois.

In the late 1960’s, they moved to a larger facility in Lincolnwood, Illinois. The product line was structured to service all the tooling needs of the tube and pipe industry including new rolls, regrind of rolls, cutoff dies, jaws and cutoff blades. Over the years, many items of equipment were also added, including turkshead units, automatic dedimplers, side pass stands, roll stands, runout tables, tandem scarfing units and automatic length control systems.

T&H Machine previous location
T&H Machine
Lemont Engineering previous location
Lemont Engineering

In 1991, Inductotherm acquired Lemont Engineering Co. which was headquartered in Lincolnwood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The company name was changed to Thermatool Lemont.

In June of 1999, Thermatool Lemont purchased the product lines of T&H Machine, Inc. located in Addison, Illinois. T&H Machine has been a leading supplier to the world’s pipe and tube industry of mill tooling, roll forming equipment, and ferrous and nonferrous tube mills since 1960. T&H Machine’s complement of products is a natural fit with the Thermatool Lemont’s current product range. This recent addition makes Thermatool Lemont one of the largest suppliers of mill tooling and complete tube and pipe mills worldwide. The manufacturing and sales of T&H Products was consolidated into the Thermatool Lemont facility in Countryside, Illinois, and the company name was changed to T&H Lemont.

T&H Lemont is the only capital equipment builder today that can boast of having expertise in not only designing tube mills, pipe mills and roll formers, but also has operational expertise in tube, pipe, and roll form facilities. This brings a different perspective to meeting our customer’s requirements for new equipment based on the whole process of producing tube from incoming coil to secondary operations.