Model TP Series Roll Forming Machines

TP series roll forming machine

This economical TP series roll forming machine offers two inboard roll positions and one or two outboard roll positions, making it ideal for manufacturers that require a dependable, affordable machine for dedicated manufacturing.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA


Standard Features:

  • Plate design roll forming machine with two forming positions inboard and two forming positions outboard
  • Hardened alloy steel roll shafts with heavy duty roller bearings
  • All gear driven roll shafts; unequal ratios available
  • Spring-loaded pillow block upper roll shafts
  • Hardened tool steel entry side guides
  • Part straightener at exit end with heavy duty table
  • Welded steel tubular stand

Technical Specifications

ModelRoll Shaft Dia.Roll SpaceRoll Shaft ExtensionHorizontal CentersVertical Centers Capacity
TP61.375 in. (34.92 mm)6.00 in. (152 mm)3.00 in. (76 mm)6.000 in. (152 mm)3.500 in. (88.9 mm)0.052 in. (1.32 mm)
TP81.500 in. (38.10 mm)8.00 in. (203 mm)4.00 in. (102 mm)8.000 in. (203 mm)4.500 in. (114.3 mm)0.075 in. (1.90 mm)
TP101.750 in. (44.45 mm)10.00 in. (254 mm)5.00 in. (127 mm)10.000 in. (254 mm)5.500 in. (139.5 mm)0.085 in. (2.16 mm)
TP122.000 in. (50.80 mm)10.00 in. (254 mm)6.000 in. (152 mm)12.000 in. (305 mm)7.000 in. (177.8 mm)0.102 in. (2.59 mm)