Equal & Unequal Ratio Gearboxes

Equal Gearboxes

T&H Lemont high strength cast intercoupled gearboxes having double output shafts for driving both top and bottom spindles. Output shafts are heat treated alloy steel, ground all over and mounted on heavy duty anti-friction tapered roller bearings. Housings are precision machined to insure accurate, permanent alignment of gears. Worm shaft is heat treated steel, and worm gears are made of special analysis nickel bronze. High quality oil seals on all shafts helps to prevent leakage of lubricant. Output shafts are splined, as opposed to keyed, for additional strength. Gear reducers which require frequent lubrication will be lubricated through the use of the oil reservoir located within the gear reducer. With this continuous splash system, oil will be carried to the working areas for the gear teeth. This system is maintenance free and highly effective. As each gear reducer is self-lubricated, oil level ports are employed including extended drain connection for easy maintenance.

Unequal Gearboxes

T&H Lemont high strength cast gearboxes are designed with one (1) double extended worm input shaft, and two (2) single extended output shafts. Each gearbox housing is precision machined to insure accurate and permanent alignment of gears. Housings are designed for splash type lubrication with level and extended drain ports for easy maintenance. Input worm shaft drives lower shaft mounted, bronze worm gear. Gearbox shafts and transfer gears are made of heat treated and ground alloy steel and mounted on heavy duty anti-friction tapered roller bearings. All shafts have high quality oil seals to prevent leakage of lubricant. Worm and worm gear set are double enveloping design style for maximum strength and service. Transfer gears connect lower and upper output shafts.


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Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Gearboxes include, but are not limited to:

  • Worm and Worm Gear Set
  • Helical Gear Set
  • Input Shafts
  • Output Shafts