Model RU Universal Drive Roll Forming Machines

The Model RU Universal Drive Roll Forming Machine is a high-speed, high-quality machine driven to perfection by worm gear speed reducers through universal drive couplings. Capable of speeds up to 600 rpm, this is the ideal machine for the high production manufacturer of roll formed profiles, tubular shapes, metal building roofs, sidewall panels, and other similar products. The best in the business, the model RU is a high production roll former which is ideal for use in the production of roll-formed welded tubular shapes, metal building roofs, sidewall panels, and similar applications.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA


Standard Features:

  • Micrometer adjustment of top shafts
  • Hardened alloy steel roll shafts with precision shoulder arrangement and double Timken taper roller bearings on both main drive housing and outboard support
  • Universal couplings to double output pinch roll worm gear reducers (unequal ratios available from 1.1:1 to 2.5:1)
  • Hardened tool steel, roller-type entry side guides
  • Welded steel base with coolant troughs and machined base top, alignment key and cross-keyed for precision alignment of outboard support

Technical Specifications

ModelRoll Shaft Dia. (Std./Max.)Roll Space (Std./Max.)Horizontal CentersVertical CentersCapacity
RU111.125 to 1.250 in. 28.58 to 31.75 mm8.00 to 12.00 in. 203 to 304.8 mm8.000 in. 203 mm2.50 to 4.00 in. 64 to 101 mm0.065 in. 1.65 mm
RU202.000 to 2.500 in. 50.80 to 63.5 mm12.00 to 24.00 in. 305 to 610 mm15.500 in. 394 mm5.25 to 10.00 in. 133 to 254 mm0.135 in. 3.43 mm
RU353.000 to 4.500 in. 76.20 to 114.3 mm18.00 to 60.00 in. 457 to 1524 mm19.000 in. 483 mm6.50 to 14.00 in. 165 to 355 mm0.188 in. 5.08 mm