Mill Alignment and Mechanical Service

Scope Mill Alignment

Our experienced team of millwrights and technicians are trained to align and service your mill equipment so that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

We offer:

  • Mill Alignments. Can your mill self-thread strip, from first driven pass to last? If not, maybe you should call to discuss an alignment. T&H Lemont uses a proprietary alignment strategy, developed decades ago, to align every pass on the mill. It works on all makes and types of mills, regardless of product or process—ERW, TIG, plasma, laser—as well as all types of roll formers. It’s a precision alignment that ensures consistency and repeatability, and that translates into a better bottom line.
  • Field Replacement of Bearings and Shafts. Repair and preparation of your mill for precision alignment.
  • Preventative Maintenance Evaluations. Our factory-trained technicians check the drive train and other wear-critical systems for appropriate repairs or changes to maintenance schedules.
  • Overhaul/Rebuilds. When there is too much to do, or too little time to do it, our skilled mill builders can be your temporary maintenance department at our place or yours.

Scope Mill Alignment Process

A scope-based mill alignment is an exclusive mill alignment service from T&H Lemont. It is available to all manufacturers of tube, pipe, and profile. The result of this two- to three-day service is a complete mill alignment from forming through cutoff, with an accuracy of ±0.001 inch over a total distance of 250 feet.

T&H Lemont’s engineers first check the levels and elevations of both forming and sizing sections. Then, after mounting the scope to the mill base at the entrance of the forming section and affixing targets to each shaft, they relocate bearings and collars as necessary to bring the shafts into alignment.

Benefits of Scope Mill Alignment

  • Complete elimination of seam twist
  • As much as a 50% reduction in scrap
  • A significant increase in mill up-time
  • Improved roll life