Die Sets

One of T&H Lemont’s many capabilities is designing and fabricating new cutoff die sets. Many factors come into play when designing die sets – the shape, angle of the shape or angle of the die set, the material thickness, the press stoke, and the line speed. Most cutoff dies have parts which are high-wear items, such as blades and jaws, so we engineer them for the longest life possible. T&H Lemont can also produce new replacement parts for many of the different styles of cutoff dies, such as single- and double-cut, dimple-free, and others.

Whether designing new or improving on your company’s requirements and needs, our many years of designing, developing and manufacturing make T&H Lemont one of the leaders in the tube, pipe and roll form industry. Whichever style of cutoff die sets you have, partnering with T&H Lemont is your most advantageous option.



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