Industries We Serve

Tube, pipe, and profile are some of the most varied industrial products available today, and this range of products and characteristics goes hand-in-hand with the mills that make them. At the same time, the types and capabilities of mills and mill components available today reflect the many engineering developments and technological innovations brought to market by T&H Lemont over the decades since 1962.

Automotive. From fuel lines to exhaust pipes, from frame members to door panel stiffeners, from radiator support members to trailer hitches, tube has a big presence in the automotive world. No tubes, no automobiles. It’s that simple.

Oil and Gas Extraction. The oil and gas industry uses a lot of steel—drill pipe, casing, line pipe, and so on. Sturdy, heavy-wall items that can stand up to the rigors of well activity. The petroleum industry also uses small-diameter coiled tubing in lengths measured by the mile. The application needs tough yet supple tube that can withstand frequent uncoiling and recoiling.

These two very different applications help to illustrate the spectrum of properties that tube and pipe products have. They also hint around at the unique processes carried out on the mills that make them. Innovative, tailor-made products need innovative, tailor-made mills.

Fluid Processing Systems. Processing foods and beverages, refining oil, preparing pharmaceuticals, and similar applications rely on complex piping systems made from stainless steel. Whether it’s a food-grade stainless steel like 316 or something more robust like super-duplex 2507, making good pipe means using a good mill.

Materials for Architecture and Construction. Whether a construction project is something simple like a shed or as elaborate as a high-rise office building or an airport, you’ll find no shortage of hollow structural sections (HSS) and other specialty tubes. Likewise door frames, window frames, garage door tracks, and even small, out-of-the-way items like draw slides can be found in essentially every sort of building. None of these would be possible without tube mills and roll-forming lines.

Equipment for Landscaping, Agriculture, and Construction. What do a small, residential-style tractor and the biggest dozer in the world have in common? Despite the substantial weight difference (1,500 pounds versus 150 tons), both have a roll-over protection structure, or ROPS, to protect the operator. A ROPS wouldn’t be possible without sturdy structural tubing, which wouldn’t be possible without a robust mill.

Sports & Recreation. It’s not all business, all the time. Whether you’re swinging a golf club, sweating out a ride up a trail with a 15% grade, or sorting out tent poles for a camping weekend, tube is with you.

Although tube is a big component in enjoying leisure activities, good tube doesn’t demand time off and neither should your tube mill.