Quick Change Systems

T&H Lemont understands the need for rapid roll tooling changeovers on Pipe and Tube mills, where long changeovers mean higher inventories and/or eroding profits from excessive downtime. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of Quick Change Systems to choose from to greatly improve production up-time, all part of our philosophy of partnering with our customers, long term, to promote flexibility and efficient operations mandatory in today’s competitive marketplace.

T&H Lemont can augment any basic mill configuration, no matter the material gauge, strength, or weld style (TIG, laser, or induction high frequency) with any of our quick-change innovations. All our systems are fully engineered, tested, and are made of machined steel construction to rigidly withstand the harshest operating environments.

The basic system is our “Rafted: Manual Drive Disconnect”. This system is mounted on a precision base with tight tolerance alignment features. The quick-change sub plate rafts, when removed from the mill, for breakdown, fin pass, and sizing, are extra wide so outboard stands can remain on the base when changing rolls offline. Tapered locating pins align the subplate rafts on the main base and mill alignment blocks are keyed and bolted to the mill base.

Our intermediate change over system – the “Rafted: Outboard Rigger” system, utilizes a universal drive coupling system, permanently coupled to the the subplate raft with advanced hydraulic quick connect/disconnect technology. The universal drive shafts and hydraulic activated clamps allow for fast raft changeover without the need for hand tools or manual connections.

Finally, when speed, accuracy and efficiency are all of critical and equal importance, T&H Lemont meets this demand with our most advanced system — a “Rafted: Third Stand Quick Connect/Disconnect, with Hydraulic Assist” and optional “Hydraulic Shuttle Cart Raft Exchange” system. Here we take the ease and efficiency of third stand universal drive technology and mount hydraulic assists to eject and precisely locate raft sub-plates. The optional shuttle cart assists as a rotating storage and offline work platform for setups. The shuttle cart is in fact a completely independent raft replacement system. When set with tooling, it can be rolled into alignment automatically — a precision movement matched only by its speed and ease of changeovers. The changeover can now be measured in minutes especially when coupled with a programmable roll adjustment feature.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

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Technical Specifications

Construction and Function

  • All systems are rafted for changeover in minutes instead of hours
  • Maintenance and precision setups occur offline
  • Extra-wide bases and rafts so outboard stands can remain on subplates during changes
  • Tapered locating pins precisely align subplates

Quick Change System Styles

  • Basic Change Over with Simple Efficiencies – Manual Drive Disconnect
  • Intermediate Change Over – Outboard Rigger Systems with Automated Hydraulics
  • Advanced Quick Change Technology – Hydraulically Assisted Third Stand w/ Quick Connect/Disconnect