FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

T&H Lemont FEA

FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS (FEA) applied to driven and non-driven roll set designs to predict the structural stress and strain working on a continuous metal strip for the manufacture of tube, pipe or roll formed products. Using computer-based 3-D modeling programs we can model the successful forming of difficult products going beyond the tried and true engineering methods of the past. While not needed to design tooling for common tube, pipe and profile, FEA modeling can eliminate expensive trial-and-error approaches.

Consider the use of FEA Modeling for the following applications:

  1. When diameter-to-thickness ratios are out of the norm, either very high or very low
  2. When the strip width of the product exceeds the design envelope of the production equipment at hand, or an extreme D/t ratio, or both
  3. When a difficult product has characteristics beyond the envelope of the manufacturing equipment at hand and you need to modify the equipment to make a successful product.

HOW DOES IT WORK? In close cooperation with software developer data M, designs would be modeled with:

  • The COPRA® RF Tube Mill Roll Design, for Pipe and Tube Products including Cage Formed Products
  • The COPRA® RF Software for open and closed Sections, Roll Formed Products
  • The COPRA® RF Software for Trapezoidal Sections, also for Roll Formed Products

Please contact us to discuss if FEA Modeling is the right tool for your production requirement.

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