Tube & Pipe Mill Rolls

The manufacture of tube & pipe mill rolls is all about quality. Quality materials, quality machinery, quality tools… they add up to the kind of product people talk about. And order. And reorder. T&H Lemont’s tube and pipe mill rolls for the tube and pipe industry are just that kind of quality product. High quality, dependable tools that you use to manufacture the highest quality tube and pipe. That you use to succeed. And anything short of all out success is a bad compromise.

Rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals – T&H Lemont has a proven record in engineering design of rolls for tube, pipe, and roll forming for even the most complicated shapes or profiles. We begin with the basics – the development of baseline specifications unique to your operation: mill configuration, mill speed, welder type, type of material and material thickness. This baseline dictates design criteria, and it is a dictate that our engineers meet every time out.

Based on the complexity of shapes and types of materials, T&H Lemont will make recommendations as to the number of passes required. The shaping objectives of each pass and wear life capabilities are carefully considered in the roll design and material options. For most applications, high carbon and high chrome AISI D-2 is specified. For higher production applications, carbide inserted rolls are recommended.

Whatever it takes to cost-effectively meet your production requirements, you are assured that T&H Lemont will recommend the right material and the right design. Our extensive data base contains tens of thousands of roll designs; from the most commonly required to those which are custom designed and engineered for specific applications. This guarantees repetitive quality and precision for both your new and reconditioned rolls. The end result: millions of feet of trouble-free production.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

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We can provide various types of rolls including:

  • Carbide Rolls
  • Ceramic Rolls
  • Urethane Rolls
  • Nylon Rolls
  • AMPCO Weld Rolls
  • Straightener Rolls
  • Floating Flange Rolls
  • “W” Form Break Down Rolls
  • “W” Form Break Down Rolls with Reversible Tops
  • Split Roll Assemblies
  • Top H/F Weld Rolls

Technical Specifications

AMPCO Weld Rolls

Special products with special needs require special considerations. We specialize in designs and precise machining of weld rolls using AMPCO 25. AMPCO rolls – a popular, practical, cost-effective method to deal with special needs. This alloy is primarily used for stainless steel tube forming and requires no additional hardening or coatings like some other metals. AMPCO rolls produce perfect mild steel tube surface quality.

Floating Flange Rolls

If high speed, bright finish or mark-free are driving your process to a standstill due to safety or cosmetic concerns, let’s talk about redesigning your rolls. Using our skill and experiences with floating or idle flange rolls, we will get you running and keep you running with mark-free tube and pipe.

Carbide Rolls

Proven Tungsten Carbide is mated with custom designed roll sets to solve excess wear problems for tube, pipe and roll form shapes. Carbide rolls are also available for cold drawing applications of tube and solid bar.T&H Lemont will match the optimal grade of Carbide to your need as well as balance the Carbide “donut” design and size to assure you optimal value for wear resistance and for roll reconditioning cycles.

Straightener Rolls

We design, manufacture and re-contour all types of Straightener and Reduction Rolls. For more information on our selection and and roll reconditioning services, please see our Straightener Rolls section.