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Your priorities are profitability, cost and efficiency, dependable quality and worker safety. To meet those priorities, T&H Lemont offers a complete single-source selection of tube and pipe mill equipment and machinery. Are you working with materials such as carbon and stainless steel or exotic metals such as brass, copper, platinum, titanium or gold? No problem. And no matter what your business – from tubing for medical equipment, beverage dispensers or heater elements to electrical or telecommunications application or even ornamental tubing, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the material you handle or the application you support, T&H Lemont is your most dependable and knowledgeable resource for replacement or retrofit components. What you need, when you need it, we have it for you.


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Standard Equipment Platform

T&H Lemont Entry Guide

It’s a new concept for tube and pipe mill equipment. And it’s built on your needs. The T&H Lemont Standard Equipment Platform is, in essence, a kind of launching site. We maintain a complete inventory of equipment such as rafts, driven or side stands and weld boxes – all ready to ship at a moments notice. So you can grow in a flash. Respond to your customers instantly. Improve production. And ditch forever more, the hurry up and wait syndrome.Don’t think for a minute, however, that this program is no more than a warehouse full of nuts and bolts and cold steel. Because the heart of our new idea is service. Complete and total, as-you-need-it service. T&H Lemont’s full team of engineers is at your service to help you grow your business, whether your needs are for a weld box or a complete mill system, or just a series of select retrofits. No one knows the tube and pipe industry better than we do, and no one provides better service or a better product.

TH Lemont Weld Box

Technical Specifications

Other Products and Components for Mill Systems

  • Strip Entry Guide and Preparation Equipment
  • Roll Stands – The flip top style tie bars of the side roll stands assure maximum rigidity between the vertical idler shafts and faster tool free change over of the roll tooling. We offer a variety of roll stands including:
    • Driven Roll Stands
      • Spring Load Options
      • Single Point Roll Adjustment
    • Side Roll Stands with:
      • Fixed Height
      • Adjustable Height
      • Electrical Adjustment and Calibration
  • Weld Boxes both TiG and High Frequency (Internally cooled option available) – Our weld boxes offer greater efficiency, optimum regrind life, ease of adjustment, and minimum set up time. T&H Lemont will design complete weld mechanical packages on subplates or on existing welder bases.
    • 2 roll
    • 3 roll
    • 4 roll
    • 5 roll
    • 6 roll
  • Tandem O.D. Bead Scarfing Units
  • Turksheads in various configurations including:
    • 4 roll, two plane
    • 4 roll, single plane
    • 8 roll, two plane
  • Press Components including:
    • Rails
    • Extensions
    • Bead Choppers
    • Bead Winders
    • Scrap Winders
    • Shaping Cluster & Squaring Upgrades
    • Medium Frequency Heaters
    • Replacement Roll Shafts
    • Edge Preparation Units
    • Equal & Unequal Ratio Gearboxes
    • Seam Guide Stands
  • Single Cut Die Sets
  • Accutronic II Length Control Systems
  • Run-out & Dump Tables with:
    • Single dump
    • Double dump
    • Conveyor systems
  • End Finish Equipment – Tube dedimpler models for 1/2” through 6” in various wall thicknesses