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T&H Lemont is a Custom Manufacturer of Tube and Pipe Mills, Roll Tooling for Tube, Pipe & Roll Forming Industries.

T&H Lemont provides a variety of components and services to the tube, pipe and roll-forming industries. Services include tube and pipe roll design, mill alignment and operational consulting.

Products offered by T&H Lemont include, but are not limited to rolls, blades, jaws, shafts, welders, cut-offs, entry equipment, accumulators, pre-punch, post-punch, seam orientation stands, weld boxes, edge conditioner, bead scarfing systems, straightening systems, single point adjustment systems, dedimplers and much more.

T&H Lemont products and services are supported by a management and engineering staff with over 150 years of combined in-plant hands-on experience in the manufacture of Tube, Pipe, and Roll Forming products. T&H Lemont continues to develop advanced options and design enhancements which make Tube and Pipe manufacturing safer and more cost efficient.

Today, T&H Lemont is your most complete single source for all your mill needs. Capital equipment and consumables from the same knowledgeable resource. T&H Lemont is hard at work developing the next generation of tube and pipe mill equipment. Everything to make your life easier and stay competitive. We’re digital, because you’re digital. We’re using tougher materials like carbide and Ampco® 25 for rolls, and High Speed Steel for blades to increase life expectancy of consumables, and help you decrease overhead.

We’re actively pursuing new technologies in all of your applications, from structural tubing to conduit, petrochemical pipe to hypodermic needles to hydroform tube, from mechanical tubing to exhaust pipes. We’ve built a cohesive and quite impressive staff of people to provide every kind of service you require.

We have the production capabilities to meet A.S.T.M., J.I.S., B.S., API and DIN standards. And we’re working on going beyond these standards. We stand by our work and offer a variety of extended warranties and quality assurances to insure you against downtime. In other words, we’re constantly striving to be everything you want in a supplier. Please contact us and let us help you with your next project, big or small.

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To the typical engineer, induction is a fascinating method of heating. Watching a piece of metal in a coil turn cherry red in a matter of seconds can be surprising to those unfamiliar with induction heating. Induction heating equipment requires an understanding of physics, electromagnetism, power electronics and process control, but the basic concepts behind induction heating are simple to understand.