Metal Is What You Make Of It.

T&H Lemont is a custom manufacturer of mills, components, tooling, and consumables for producing tube, pipe, and profile.

The equipment designed and built by T&H Lemont includes mills and related components—welded tube and pipe mills and roll formers. Components built by T&H Lemont for welded tube and pipe mills include accumulators, edge conditioners, seam orientation stands, weld boxes, bead scarfing systems, straighteners, dedimplers, and more. For roll forming lines, the company quotes punching, notching, and piercing equipment. For all types of mills, the company designs and makes rolls, blades, shafts, and jaws.

For equipment outside of the company’s scope, such as mill entry and exit equipment or welding units, T&H Lemont works with a network of reliable long-term partners or is more than willing to quote equipment from your preferred suppliers. T&H Lemont also can quote new components or upgrades to your production lines built by other manufacturers.  

Services include tube and pipe roll design, mill alignment, and operational consulting.

Its experience in developing equipment for making these products goes back decades to its foundation in 1962. T&H Lemont products and services are supported by a management and engineering staff with more than 150 years of combined in-plant, hands-on experience in the manufacture of machinery for making tube, pipe, and profile. A leader in technical innovation, T&H Lemont continues to develop advanced options and design enhancements which make the production of tube, pipe, and profile safer and more efficient.

Today, T&H Lemont is your most complete single source for all your mill needs. Capital equipment and consumables come from the same knowledgeable resource. At the same time, T&H Lemont is looking to the future and is hard at work developing the next generation of tube and pipe mill equipment—everything you need to make your life easier and remain competitive.

We’re actively pursuing new technologies in all of your applications, from structural tubing to conduit, petrochemical pipe to hypodermic needles to hydroformed tube, from mechanical tubing to exhaust pipes.

We have the production capabilities to meet ASTM, JIS, BS, API, and DIN standards. And we’re working on going beyond these standards. We stand by our work and offer a variety of standard warranties, extended warranties, and quality assurances.

In other words, we’re constantly striving to be everything you want in a supplier. Please contact us and let us help you with your next project, no matter how large or how small.

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