Straightener Rolls – New & Reconditioned

We manufacture and re-contour all types of rolls, including:

  • Rolls for forming rounds, shapes, and angles 
  • Rolls for burnishing rolls or feeding
  • Rolls for straighteners and Turksheads

Roll maintenance is a specialty of T&H Lemont. Depending on the roll’s condition, we can recut it to extend its service life. We can also replace worn bearings and shafts. Contact us for a quotation.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA

Technical Specifications

Construction and Function

Our large CNC Lathes are configured to make new or re-contour Straightener rolls efficiently, with minimal disassembly.

Roll Sizes

We can manufacture straightener rolls from pre-existing prints or if no print is available, just tell us your bar/tube size and angle. We can manufacture rolls up to 42″ diameter.

Engineering Services

Engineering services and proprietary computer modeling are available to reverse engineer your tooling, trouble shoot your problems and assist you with challenging rolls.

Roll Reconditioning

T&H Lemont fully recognizes that your rework and repair needs are always going to be on a we need it yesterday schedule. In response, we’ve established a state of the art facility in Countryside, IL to provide you with the fastest service possible. Often turnaround is a mere matter of days or even hours, so your rolls are back to you before you’ve had time to miss them. Our reconditioning standards, however, are as high as all our quality standards. Rolls are inspected, dimensions are recorded, information is analyzed. After reconditioning, all working surfaces are like new, and inspections ensure accuracy and quality. Wear analysis and regrind information is reported, so you have an accurate record for every roll.