T&H Lemont ships heavy-duty turkshead faceplate

T&H Lemont Inc. recently designed, built, and shipped a heavy-duty turkshead faceplate, an upgrade with quick-change features for one of the company’s WU40 mills. The unit is a retrofit that uses the customer’s original frame. It provides heavy-duty straightening capacity at a lower cost than replacing the entire straightener.

The unit has a rotary plate and an adapter. The adapter affixes the new turkshead’s rotary plate to the existing turkshead frame, so no frame modifications are necessary. The adapter is equipped with quick-change features to enable tube mill personnel to install the new unit quickly.

The rotary plate also has two sets of quick-change hardware. One set enables a quick change of the entire unit during a scheduled changeover. The other set is for changing a single roll to perform an emergency repair in the middle of a production run.

The design also provides easy access to the adjusting hardware and zerk fittings so that mill personnel can fine-tune the settings and maintain the unit with ease.

For more information, or to submit an RFQ, contact T&H Lemont at sales@thlemont.com.

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