Inductotherm assists Tata Steel regarding emissions, efficiency

Great news from one of our sister companies! Inductotherm Heating and Welding Ltd. upgraded several induction furnaces for TATA Steel’s location in Corby, England. The result is a drastic reduction in TATA’s reliance on gas-fired furnaces, cutting emissions and improving energy efficiency.

This is a shining example of cooperation among two companies with shared values. Tata Steel’s declared environmental stance includes a goal of becoming net zero by 2045. Meanwhile, Inductotherm states that it likewise is committed to sustainability. Its aim is to “cultivate green initiatives in pursuit of new ways of reducing non-recyclable waste, increasing energy efficiency, as well as reducing and eliminating environmental hazards in our daily business operation.”

Inductotherm Heating & Welding’s Managing Director, Wayne Hine, added that the company’s project management capability enabled delivery three months ahead of schedule. That’s a triple win.

See the press release for the entire story.

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