T&H Lemont Shipped Custom Made Welding and Straightening Rafted Units

T&H Lemont announces that it has shipped two sets of custom-made welding and straightening rafted units to one of its roll forming customers. The new equipment, part of the customer’s expansion program, is on its way to two locations. One set is going to an existing facility in the Midwest and the other is on its way to a new location in the southwestern U.S. 

Designed and built by T&H Lemont, the units are integral components for another brand of roll forming unit, fulfilling an order that leverages T&H Lemont’s expertise with forming and welding lines.

The weld box, a 5-roll unit, has two vertical side rolls, two canted top rolls, and a bottom roll. One of the side rolls and the bottom roll have custom contours that support the profile’s custom shape. It is followed by a dual outside-diameter scarfing unit that has automated advance and retract. The pneumatically powered automated advance and retract function works in conjunction with the mill’s start and stop activity, ensuring that the scarfing blades don’t enter a cold weld bead. Having two scarfing units allows the operator to retract one and advance the other without stopping the line if the first one becomes dulled or chipped.

The weld box and the dual scarfing unit are mounted on a subplate with gibs that allow the customer to move the units upstream or downstream, independently or in tandem, for optimal positioning relative to the mill’s welding unit.

The straightener unit is an 8-roll Turk’s head, which has fully motorized adjustments in both the X and Y axes. The straightener is preceded by several side roll stands that assist the final shaping of the product.  The new side stands are designed to work in conjunction with the existing OEM’s driven shaping stands. 

Please feel free to contact us at sales@thlemont.com with any questions or RFQs.

T&H Lemont provides mills, components and services for making tube, pipe, and profile. Services include tooling designs, mill alignments, mill rebuilds, and operational troubleshooting. System components designed and built by T&H Lemont include strip accumulators, edge preparation equipment, entry equipment, seam orientation stands, weld boxes, bead scarfing systems, straighteners, cutoffs (saw and shear), and dedimplers. Nearly all of these subsystems can be designed with quick-change capability.

The company also makes consumables such as shafts, blades, and jaws.

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