T&H Lemont develops heavy-duty weld box

T&H Lemont announces that it has developed a new model of weld box, model W25 HD, for welded tube mill and welded pipe mill applications. Designed to guide the tube or pipe through the welding stage, it’s suitable for use with small- and medium-sized mills. The company recently shipped two W25 HD units to one of its longtime customers.
A heavy-duty unit, it is intended to be a replacement for chuck-style weld boxes when processing high-yield-strength material. The design accommodates the existing weld roll tooling for the original three-roll weld boxes. It has a single-point lubrication system on the operator side for convenience and safety—the operator doesn’t have to reach over or across the unit to lubricate it.
The unit has interchangeable yokes to accommodate product ODs from 1.250 to 3.500 in. and all of the features are independently adjustable. It has a base plate that can be adjusted on three axes, single-point adjustments for each roll, and either Y-high or Y-low roll orientation.
Please feel free to contact us at sales@thlemont.com with any questions or RFQs.
T&H Lemont provides mills, components and services for making tube, pipe, and profile. Services include tooling designs, mill alignments, mill rebuilds, and operational troubleshooting. System components designed and built by T&H Lemont include strip accumulators, edge preparation equipment, entry equipment, seam orientation stands, weld boxes, bead scarfing systems, straighteners, cutoffs (saw and shear), and dedimplers. Nearly all of these subsystems can be designed with quick-change capability.
The company also makes consumables such as shafts, blades, and jaws.

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