T&H Lemont Acquires New Large Diameter 4 Axis Turning Center

T&H Lemont is pleased to announce the full production launch of its newly acquired Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850YMC CNC Turning Center. This addition continues to extend T&H Lemont’s reach into large tool markets by expanding their overall diameter and length capabilities to hard turn and finish products up to 60″ in diameter as well as products 100″ in length.

The demand for turning and finishing these larger tooling items has been growing as customers expand production in SBQ Bars and into larger diameter tooling for API and Oil Country Tubular Products.

Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850YMC CNC Turning Center

The Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850 CNC Lathes were developed to meet today’s demands for superior turning center performance. Its distinctive design allows the Hi-Tech 850 to have the largest work capacity and spindle horsepower in its class. This extraordinarily large, well built lathe with multiple, powered 4th Axis machining turret stops has proven to make short work of large complex shafts, straightener rolls, as well as roll tooling for large diameter pipe mills. Programming the machine can be easily handled remotely with CAD/CAM interfaces or manually using conversational inputs.

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