Inductotherm Group Celebrates Flagship Company’s 60 Year Anniversary!

This month, Inductotherm Group announces the 60th anniversary of its flagship company, Inductotherm Corp., which manufactures advanced melting, heating holding and pouring furnaces for the foundry melt shop industry.

In May 1953, Henry M. Rowan started Inductotherm Corp. with his first sale of a 60 pound beryllium copper induction melting furnace. With his commitment to superior engineering and top-notch customer service, Mr. Rowan grew Inductotherm Corp. to a company that today has almost 250 employees and more than 32,000 installations in 126 countries.

With the success of Inductotherm Corp., and recognizing that the world market needed more advanced induction melting equipment, Rowan extended the sale of his equipment and services into Europe, Australia, India, Japan, China, and beyond.  Since then, the firm has expanded not only geographically, but also into other fields of thermal processing, such as induction heating, heat treating, and induction welding, as well as vacuum induction melting and refining. Inductotherm Group is now a worldwide organization with 38 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries around the world, offering brands such as Inductotherm, Consarc, Inductoheat, Thermatool and Radyne.

“We’re proud to stand with Inductotherm Corp. as they celebrate their 60 years of business,” says Gary Doyon, president and CEO of the Inductotherm Group. “Every company in the Inductotherm Group follows the tenets that were set forth by Mr. Rowan and his team at Inductotherm Corp. – offer superior engineering, advanced technology, high quality products, and excellent customer service.”

“We’re continually working to provide our customers with the most advanced products in the industry today,” agreed Satyen Prabhu, president and CEO of Inductotherm Corp.  “For all of the companies in the Inductotherm Group, it’s about delivering the most efficient equipment and systems for our customers. We’re looking forward to doing this and more for at least another 60 years.”

Inductotherm Group offers advanced technology for the engineering, manufacturing and service of thermal processing equipment used in the melting, heating, heat treating, forging, galvanizing, coating, cutting and welding of metals. Bringing together 40 companies with 38 manufacturing facilities located in 19 countries, Inductotherm Group delivers innovative products throughout the world. Customers rely on Inductotherm, Inductoheat, Thermatool, Radyne, Consarc and other trusted brands in the Inductotherm Group to provide outstanding equipment and services.

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