Design and Engineering Services

T&H Lemont FEAAs your demands for integrated system configurations and improved process efficiency are always increasing, so is our commitment to research and engineering innovation. Anticipating your critical needs and meeting them well ahead of your desired implementations is a hallmark of T&H Lemont. Our years of experience in design has made us leaders in the mill rolling industry.


  • We were first to design and manufacture multi-section drive systems.
  • First to introduce atmospheric controlled, height adjustable six-roll weld boxes for TIG welding systems.
  • First with single-point, vertical-driven roll adjustments.
  • First in high-pulse TIG welding systems and optical mill alignments.
  • Quick change rafted mills for greater flexibility.
  • Idler flange roll design for mark free tubing.
  • First to design and manufacture continuous full body bright annealing systems in combination with in-line tube welding.

Today, T&H Lemont is your most complete single source for all your mill needs. Capital equipment and consumables from the same knowledgeable resource. T&H Lemont is hard at work developing the next generation of tube and pipe mill equipment. Everything to make your life easier and stay competitive. We’re digital, because you’re digital. We’re using tougher materials like carbide and Ampco® 25 for rolls and High Speed Steel for blades to increase life expectancy of consumables and help you decrease overhead.

We’re actively pursuing new technologies in all of your applications, from structural tubing to conduit, petrochemical pipe to hypodermic needles to hydro form tube, from mechanical tubing to exhaust pipes. We’ve built a cohesive and quite impressive staff of people to provide every kind of service you require. We offer:

  • Installation services
  • Fine tuning
  • Consulting
  • Inventory management
  • Technical advice and support

We have the production capabilities to meet A.S.T.M., J.I.S., B.S., API and DIN standards. And we’re working on going beyond these standards. We stand by our work and offer a variety of extended warranties and quality assurances to insure you against downtime. In other words, we’re constantly striving to be everything you want in a supplier. Please contact us for more information on all of our engineering and design services.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA

Tech Specs

T&H Lemont’s electrical engineers are active participants in the design of your control system, utilizing hands-on experience to minimize problems and maximize system performance. T&H Lemont’s experience and knowledge of many tube and pipe mill applications provides a strong background for troubleshooting and retrofitting any drive application. T&H Lemont can provide a wide variety of technical services in all facets of the tube and pipe industry; from entry, mill, cutoffs, dedimplers, rollformers, and more.