T&H Lemont ships rebuilt SOS unit

When the T&H Lemont team received a request for quote for a mill component rebuild from a longtime customer, one of the largest tube producers in North America, it was ready to get to work and turn the job around quickly.

The inquiry concerned a seam orientation stand, model 540/7, which handles diameters from 1.000 in. to 6.750 in. Like other T&H Lemont seam orientation stands, it is designed to rotate the tube to get the seam to the intended location between the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions. This can help align the seam with inductors for inline annealing; align the seam with sensors for inline flaw detection; position the seam in a specific location to suit downstream fabrication on a shaped tube, and so on.

This project was a little more than a common rebuild. In addition to showing the normal wear for a mechanical component used in a demanding environment, the unit had sustained significant damage. It needed some mechanical parts—a gearmotor, adjustment shafts, and bearings—and a new electrical panel and replacement wiring. To see all of the “before and after” photos, see the posting at T&H Lemont’s LinkedIn page.

T&H Lemont turned the project around at a nominal cost and got the unit back to the customer in a little over a month, minimizing the disruption to the customer’s operations.

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