T&H Lemont Ship Rebuild WU20H Raft System

T&H Lemont has shipped a Rebuild WU-20H Tube Mill Raft System for a customer in the Western United States. The three rafts, breakdown, fin, and sizing driven stands and all side stands were disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. All shafts, bearings and oil seals were replaced along with some minor machine parts and screw jacks. Please feel free to contact us at sales@thlemont.com with any questions or RFQ’s.  

T&H Lemont provides a variety of Mills, Components and Services to the Tube, Pipe and Roll Forming Markets. Services include Tube, Pipe and Roll Form Tooling Designs, Mill Alignments, Rebuilds and Operational Troubleshooting. Components offered by T&H Lemont includes, but are not limited to, Cut-Offs (Saw and Shear), Entry Equipment, Strip Accumulators, Edge Preparation Equipment, Seam Orientation Stands, Weld Boxes, Bead Scarfing Systems, Straightening Systems, Quick Change Systems, Dedimplers, Shear Blades and Jaws.

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