T&H Lemont Completes Commissioning of Welded Carbon Steel Tube Mill

WU35 and WU45-11 Dual Capacity Quick Change

T&H Lemont has recently commissioned a Model WU35M-11 High Frequency Welded mechanical tube mill for a repeat North American customer. T&H Lemont was chosen for this project based on successful installation and commissioning of other mills for this customer over the last 20 years. The WU35M tube mill has a tube size range of 2.000″ OD to 6.625″ OD round tube at yields up to 65,000 psi. The gauge ranges for these sizes is from .090″ to .250″. In addition, the mill is designed to form and weld 5.750″ OD X .375″ wall tubing for a custom application. The mill will produce product at speeds up to 300 fpm.

For reduced change-over times, the mill includes a number of quick-change features. The design of the mill includes a permanent third stand to minimize the time required for sub-plate removal and replacement. When a change-over is required, the sub-plates are disconnected from the universals utilizing a hydraulically operated disconnect. The sub-plates can then be removed with an overhead crane. When the second set of sub-plates are installed, the sub-plates are moved into position and located to the universals utilizing the same hydraulic system.

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