Plasma TIG Weld Systems

Plasma TIG Weld Systems

T&H Lemont is the only supplier of tube and pipe mills that offers you a single-source – a single point of responsibility — for a full selection of mill systems and configurations. Whether your needs are for ferrous or non-ferrous mill system, T&H Lemont has the system or system components to fully serve you. Supported by a complete range of services from engineering to installation to personnel training, the T&H Lemont name is a guarantee that you’ll always have someone to turn to for help. Are you working in carbon and stainless steel or perhaps exotic metals such as brass, copper, platinum, titanium or even gold? Do you need small diameter tubing for medical or automotive, pipe for fences or sprinkler systems, or large diameter mechanical or structural pipe? No problem. T&H Lemont is your most dependable and knowledgeable full service single source for all these needs and more.

All systems incorporate the most advanced proven technologies of today. All provide maximum flexibility, control and efficiency. And all are designed and built to place you firmly at the competitive forefront with higher yields and minimal changeover times. Details like extra wide, slant fronted bases that provide extra working space, reducing worker fatigue and making maintenance easier. Electronics precisely tuned to your production needs. Cutoff equipment designed and built to maximize end condition. Self-lubricating gear boxes for maintenance-free operation. Housings precision machined for accurate, permanent gear alignment. And ambidextrous, single point adjustments for easier operation, just to name a few.

At the very end of the line, T&H Lemont doesn’t take a rest, but continues to offer the same excellence and precision equipment that our main mill components are known for. Moreover, the perfect piece of tube or pipe you just made is useless if damaged in preparation of bundling for delivery to your customer.

Automated functions synchronized to the mill speed are part of every new system, bestowing at the very end the same precision and repeatability that is reflected throughout. Often coupled to manual counting and inspection tables, capable of a wide range of tube length and per/piece batching, our bundling system offers flexibility in final package/storage loads and size, giving you an ability to meet whatever requirements you may have. And it is effortlessly accomplished with reliable systems running without interruption.


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