AutoSet System

WU20H Forming with AutoSet

The AutoSet System is the latest product from T&H Lemont to improve the productivity of Pipe and Tube Mills. The system provides fast and precise adjustment of strip and/or rim gaps to minimize set-up time and improve quality. Using the latest encoder and drive technology, the AutoSet System is available at an unprecedented value and can be applied to any existing mill.

A complete mill adjustment can be accomplished automatically without the use of hand tools. The system is designed for comprehensive mill upgrade of the Breakdown Fin and Sizing sections.


T&H Lemont, Inc.

5118 Dansher Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA

Technical Specifications

AutoSet System includes:AC vector drives: gear reducers and actuator assemblies; absolute position feedback encoders; and operator color touch screen interface.
Actuator AssemblyPatented absolute encoder technology provides accurate position feedback for the AutoSet system. No “re-zero” of encoders is required and manual adjustments are retained with power-off.
Operator InterfaceA color touch-screen interface is used to select mill setup from a menu of product specifications based on previously stored setups. The operator will enter an ID specific to the pipe or tube size; the screen will show nominal strip and/or rim gaps in addition to actual gaps; the stands will automatically adjust to those positions at the touch of the screen. Each stand is represented on the touch screen, if minor adjustments are required, the operator can change the gap in .001″ increments at any time. Once the best setup is achieved, the data is stored as the new product specification. The system is capable of storing 100+ unique mill setups. Includes as standard Ethernet communications interface and built-in web server for optional plant-wide data acquisition.
Standard Screen DisplaysRecipe Screen Display List of all stored set-ups Setup ID#; tube size; nominal gaps “Enter new setup” function Run Screen Display All AutoSet sections Setup ID#; tube size; nominal gaps “Save as new setup” function Section Screen Display Section nominal and actual gaps .001 inch gap adjustment Preset gap adjustment